New Grads and Health Care Reform

Many people are unsure of how health care reform affects them directly. If you are on the verge of graduating, you could potentially benefit from health care reform and insurance policy changes. Here are a few things to consider about new grads and health care reform.

Parents Policies

One of the biggest benefits of health care reform is that you can stay on your parents policy after you graduate. In the past, after you graduated from college, you had to secure your own health insurance, and that was expensive. However, with the recent changes to health care, this is no longer the case. 

Help before the Law

The new law is not scheduled to take effect until 2011. However, if you are a recent graduate, you still may be able to benefit from this policy change. Many insurance companies are making the switch before the policy before being required to do so. They are doing this as a way to reduce overhead costs. Therefore, if you have insurance coverage with one of the major insurance providers, you may have access to this plan now.

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