Requirements for Small Business Group Health Insurance?

Small business group health insurance is undoubtedly a key benefit a small business can extend to its employees. Many employees may be averse to leaving an employer who offers health insurance. Providing group health insurance can also immensely help business owners attract talented employees.

What Does It Cover?

Small business group health insurance generally covers the health care needs of the employees and in many cases includes dental and vision care. This type of group insurance will obviously be far less expensive for the employee than an individual health insurance policy. Small business group health insurance can be obtained by all small businesses that have two to fifty employees.

Procedure and Requirements

The procedure for setting up a small business group health insurance plan is quite simple. All the business owner has to do is submit employee wages records, the Employer Identification Number and other relevant and supporting documents to meet the eligibility requirements. If the business has offices in more than one state, the laws of the state in which the business is headquartered will alone apply.

Inquire with the insurance provider company about the various plan options. The two widely known types of small business group health insurance are health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs). An HMO has certain restrictions on which medical facilities can be used and which services can be rendered. A PPO health insurance plan may be flexible and hence a good choice–though a bit more costly. The unique feature of a PPO health insurance plan is the provision for the insured person to take advantage of medical attention and facilities even from providers outside the stated list.

Of course it is a fact that group health plans are quite costly and can become financial burdens for many small businesses. It may be a worthwhile idea for a few small businesses to come together to lessen their financial output. As the cost of insurance premiums is directly related to the number of employees in the plan, more employees could mean a reduced payment.

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