Safeguard Your Assets With Individual Disability Insurance

In the event of an unforeseen accident or injury, Individual Disability Insurance is one of the best ways to protect you from a financial misfortune. Purchasing individual disability insurance will safeguard your assets, net worth, lifestyle and the welfare of your family. 

What is Individual Disability Insurance?

Your greatest asset is your ability to bring in an income. It is, in fact, that income that permits you to acquire other assets such as automobiles, homes, boats or vacation homes. An untimely injury coupled with unprotected wage loss can lead to an immediate financial crisis. Individual disability insurance serves to protect your assets by providing coverage when income is lost. Typically, these policies go beyond mere asset protection and include food and other day-to-day expenses. 

When considering individual disability insurance determine precisely what your expenses would be to maintain your current lifestyle. In the event that your employer’s policy would only provide 60% of your income, but you estimate the requirements at 70 to 80%, you most likely need an individual disability insurance policy. Individual disability insurance will provide you with a piece of mind knowing that your assets and lifestyle are protected.

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