Samples Of AAR Group Health Insurance Plans

Group health insurance plans offered through AARP are not the same as group health insurance plans that are offered by employers.  Health insurance sold through AARP Insurance Services are offered by Aetna and Secure Horizons. They are sold to individuals who are members of AARP.  The insurance is not sold directly to employers in the same manner as traditional employer-sponsored group health insurance plans.

AARP Group Health Offerings

AARP, as a membership association, has the ability to offer group rates to its members in the same manner that employers offer group insurance to their employees. The insurance plans that are offered through AARP provide the same benefits that employers provide for their employees. The good thing about participating in AARP group health insurance plans is that the insurance is offered at a low cost to all members. It is much less expensive to purchase insurance through AARP than it is to purchase on your own.

Types of Insurance Programs

The types of programs offered under group health insurance for AARP are medical plans for members age 50 to 64 and a Medicare supplement. These plans provide varying types of benefits for AARP members. The coverage can include medical hospital stays, hospice care, home care and drug costs. The Medicare supplement covers general doctor’s visits and other wellness and preventive health care services.

Major Medical Expense Insurance

Under the major medical insurance offer, members 50 to 64 can apply for medical expense insurance that covers them and their family members. The premium is known as the AARP Essential Premier Health Insurance plan. Premium costs for the plan are based on age and residency because the cost of health care varies from state-to-state.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Members who are age 65 and older can purchase one of the several Medicare supplement plans. These plans are offered through Secure Horizons and provide benefits that are not covered by Medicare Part A, B or D.  Medicare recipients who participate in the Medicare Advantage program (Part C) do not need to purchase a supplement since the benefits provided in the supplements are provided in Part C. These plans have no requirement for pre-existing conditions and do not have a medical exam requirement.

Lower Costs through AARP Group Health Insurance

Participating in an AARP group health insurance plan may help to lower costs for a participant.  These plans are affordable protection offered on a group basis through membership in AARP. Because of the association’s buying power (with nearly 40 million members), AARP can negotiate lower overall rates for its members in order to buy group health insurance protection.  Aside from the major medical plan offered to members 50 to 64, the Medicare Supplement plans through Secure Horizons lowers the overall out-of-pockets costs associated with Medicare Part A and B (as well as D).

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