The Different Parts of Medicare: A, B, C and D

Medicare is a type of health coverage that is provided by the federal government. There are 4 different parts of Medicare that you could potentially use. Here are the basics of Medicare and the different components of it. 

Part A - Hospital Insurance

Medicare Part A is referred to as hospital insurance. This type of coverage will pay for your medical bills that are associated with being in a hospital for treatment. This type of insurance will also pay for being admitted to a nursing facility.

Part B - Medical Insurance

This type of coverage will pay 80% of covered medical services. Part B will cover things like doctor visits, outpatient services and preventative care.

Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans

This is a type of insurance policy that is provided through a private insurance company with approval from the government. Typically, you can combine Part A and B together with this type of plan. You may also be able to pick up additional benefits that can help with your medical costs.

Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

This part of the Medicare plan covers prescription drugs for insured individuals. This is another type of plan that is administered by private companies with the approval of Medicare. Each plan is going to be different and what types of drugs are covered and how much they cost.

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