Total Permanent Disability Insurance

Total permanent disability insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to protect individuals against disability. If you are permanently disabled, the insurance company will then pay out. In order to qualify for a payment from this type of insurance policy, you have to meet the definition of permanent disability. You should know that this definition differs from insurance company to insurance company.

Permanent Disability

The general idea behind permanent disability is that you are unable to continue working in any job for an extended period of time. It is believed by medical professionals that you will not recover from the condition or illness that you have obtained. For example, if you lose two eyes or two legs, you could be considered permanently disabled by most insurance companies.


This type of insurance is different from income protection insurance and regular disability insurance. With regular disability insurance, you can collect money even if you are only out of work for a limited amount of time. With income protection insurance, you only have to miss work in order to get paid. With total permanent disability insurance, you will only get paid if you are disabled permanently.

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