Understanding Two Tier Health Care

Two tier health care is a system in which the government provides some health care services and the public also has the option to purchase additional health care coverage. There are many different ways that this system could be set up and they also have varying levels of effectiveness. Here are a few things to consider about two tier health care. 

Two Tier Health Care

With this type of system, the government will generally provide very basic services to the public when it comes to health care. The services can be offered to everyone, or to a select group of citizens. For example, a select group of citizens can be citizens who fit into the poverty guidelines. This insurance coverage will help cover the more expensive and comprehensive procedures. 

United States

There are several countries that utilize a two tier health care system, the United States being one of them. However, in the United States, the majority of the population does not have access to heath insurance. Instead, they have to pay for their own insurance coverage.

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