What Insurance Typically Offers the Cheapest Motorcycle Rates?

Motorcycle insurance rates are proportionally high compared to other types of vehicle insurance. Motorcycle riders are thought to be more risk-prone, and the vehicles themselves are far less safe than a number of other options. To make matters worse, an individual insured may actually see his or her car insurance rates go up with the addition of a motorcycle to a policy. As a result of these expenses, it is essential to find a motorcycle insurance company offering a good rate for the returned value in coverage.

Popular Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Not surprisingly, some of the most popular car insurance companies also insure the largest number of motorcycle riders. Geico, StateFarm, Allstate and Aflac all offer motorcycle policies with comparable expense. If you would like a quote, you can always go to the website of the individual insurer. For example, you can get a Geico motorcycle insurance quote straight from the Geico website. Start with motor insurance quotes from these major companies and compare. You may find affordable insurance here. Since these are large companies, they will offer a high degree of support in exchange for your payments, such as motorcycle roadside assistance, and they often have the highest customer service marks in the industry.

Local Motorcycle Insurance Companies

The next step is to consider local or regional insurers for your quote. Check the Yellow Pages for a list of insurers in your area. These companies often strictly offer motorcycle insurance. This can drive down your individual policy rates. However, it will not present you with options to save by bundling your packages. Nonetheless, a competitive quote is not all you should be looking for. Ask regional insurers about their investment rating to be sure they have the funds to pay your claim if needed. It is important to also look up customer service reviews, since many local insurers lack extensive resources for your assistance.

AAA, AARP, and Other Networks

If you are a member of AAA or the American Association of Retired Persons, check with your organization about recommendations for motorcycle insurance. Even if you do not buy insurance directly through a group in which you are a member, you may find the group has deals with a specific insurer. The same may be true of your employer or other professional association. In particular, if you are a member of a bikers' club, ask other bikers which provider they use. You may find you are offered a discount as a result of your affiliation.

Insurance Brokers

Your insurance may be high enough that the expense of an insurance broker is worth the savings. A broker will do the dirty work for you, determining how much coverage you should have and who can offer you the cheapest quote. However, you will have to pay the broker a commission, typically ranging from 5 to 10 percent of the policy placed. Therefore, using a broker will only save you money if the broker can cut your rates by at least that much or more. Brokers are more valuable for large policies, but if your insurance rates are through the roof, there may be room for you to save with a broker.

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