What Is Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance is a specific type of insurance coverage that is highly specialized for airplanes and aviation-related activities. This type of policy involves several different areas of coverage. 


One of the big coverages that aviation insurance provides is liability. If a plane crashes, there will be a great deal of liability to worry about. They will have to pay for the damage to any property that was caused by the crash. They will also have to deal with the personal liability of the individuals that were on the plane when it crashed.

Plane Damage

This type of insurance also provides coverage for the aviation company in relation to the damages sustained to their aircraft. When the plane crashes, there is a good chance that it will be completely destroyed. Considering that airplanes cost millions of dollars, this type of insurance will step in and reimburse the aviation company for the cost of the airplane. If the airplane is not totally destroyed, they will pay for the necessary repairs and help them get it back in working order.

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