Where To Get Free Motorcycle Insurance Quotes?

Before you purchase a motorcycle, it is wise to get a free motorcycle insurance quote to understand the full cost of ownership. Motorcycle insurance is one of the costliest factors of owning a bike, and it can also make insurance on your other vehicles more expensive. When you are budgeting to determine if you can afford a motorcycle, neglecting this expense would be a mistake. Instead, search a few common resources to understand how much you can expect to pay each month.

Ask Your Car Insurance Company

Most car insurance companies also offer insurance for alternative vehicles and motorcycles. If you are currently insured and like your car insurance company, ask for a quote to add an additional vehicle. Typically, your insurance company will offer you a deal for listing both vehicles with them. However, it is important to know that you may see a slight rise in your overall cost of insuring your car as well. Motorcycle riders are thought of as high-risk individuals; in the insurance market, this translate into high insurance premiums. By adopting a hobby the insurance industry considers risky, you are pegging yourself into a higher insurance rate in the future.

Get an Online Quote

Today, the easiest way to get fast insurance quotes is using the Internet.  You will need basic information to provide on a questionnaire, including the estimated cost of your new motorcycle. The key is to use ballpark figures, exact figures are not necessary, but to keep the figures the same on each quote application. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples by keeping items such as deductible, limits and rental car reimbursement consistent across quotes. If you change these features, your estimated premium will also change. Remember: insurance premiums can depend on a number of specific factors, such as your motor vehicle history, which will not be used to generate your quote. The actual price you achieve may vary.

Ask a Dealer

When you are purchasing your motorcycle, you can talk to a dealer about estimated ownership costs. Though the dealer will not have details needed to give a highly accurate quote, he or she will be able to explain the factors of a particular motorcycle that may make it more expensive or less expensive to insure. For example, a motorcycle designed for racing will be more costly to insure than a bike with a much smaller engine. A limited edition motorcycle will also be more expensive.

Contact a Broker

If you have already purchased your motorcycle and want the cheapest option or would like to reduce your premium, consider contacting an insurance broker. You will need a personal lines broker. This individual does not work for the insurance companies; instead, his or her job is to find you the best insurance rates with the coverage you need. Typically, an insurance broker with good contacts will succeed in locating you the best offer. However, you will have to pay the broker a commission. Only opt for this option if your insurance is high enough to justify the added cost of working with a third party.

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