Why Life Insurance With No Exam Is For You

The price of a life insurance policy depends on the amount of risk that you pose to the insurance company getting life insurance with no exam can raise the rate. Your risk is determined through the manipulation of many variables, including a medical exam. If you do poorly on the medical exam, the insurance company will view you as high risk and charge you more for your policy. The insurance company may even deny you a policy completely.

Why You

Basically, if you feel that you will perform poorly on an exam that analyzes your past and present overall health, you should look for a life insurance policy with no exam. Because the insurance company will know less about the risk that you pose than it would if it administered an exam, your policy will be more expensive. If you feel you will be denied life insurance following an exam, put the high price of a no exam policy aside in order to assure that your family is taken care of. An expensive policy is better than no policy.

Specifics of the Exam

The exam is meant to determine your life expectancy. Everything that is tested contributes to the insurance company’s evaluation of how likely you are to die. The more likely you are to pass away, the more expensive your policy will be.

  • One thing that you will be questioned on is your medical history. If you have suffered from diseases that lead to permanent disabilities, such as heart disease, the price of your insurance policy will be higher. If you have a spotted medical history, getting life insurance with no exam will allow you to avoid paying more for your past.
  • Another important thing to consider is your family’s medical history. Certain diseases, such as high blood pressure, are genetic. If someone in your close family, usually a parent or grandparent, suffered from a deadly disease, the price of your policy will be higher.
  • If you are a smoker, use recreational drugs, or live a dangerous life style, taking an exam is going to result in high payments for a life insurance policy. If you are a big drinker, or even an alcoholic, do not take the exam.
  • If you are significantly overweight, you are more likely to acquire certain fatal diseases and therefore your policy will be more expensive. If you do not exercise, suffer from high blood pressure, have a rapid heartbeat, have high cholesterol, or any other disease detectable by blood test, your exam will result in an increase in the price of your policy.
  • Diseases that are considered very dangerous, such as HIV, severe cancers, and exotic illnesses, will be detected during a medical exam. Do not try to hide anything. If you feel that you must hide something from your insurer, opt out of taking the exam and look for the alternative life insurance with no exam.  

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