3 Reasons to Invest in Growth Funds

Growth funds are a type of mutual fund that seeks to invest in stocks that are poised for growth. This type of mutual fund is very popular in the investment world and can provide you with some unique benefits. Here are a few reasons to invest in growth funds.

1. Capital Appreciation

One of the primary reasons that investors are drawn to growth funds is that they seek to provide capital appreciation above anything else. The fund manager spends a lot of time identifying growth stocks and attempts to grow the value of the fund. This type of investment is very popular with younger investors who have a long time horizon for investing. With a growth fund, you could substantially grow your assets over a long period. Other types of mutual funds might try to provide a regular source of income or slow and steady growth. This type of mutual fund appeals to those who wish to post large gains in their portfolios quickly.

2. Diversification

Another major advantage of investing in growth funds is that you get some level of diversification. Many investors are attracted to growth stocks because of the massive potential that they hold. The only problem with investing directly into growth stocks is that you could potentially lose your entire investment. Growth stocks, by nature, are very volatile and could potentially decline in value. Most individual stock investors do not have the capital that it takes to create a diversified portfolio of growth stocks. In most cases, they have to choose two or three growth stocks to invest in and then hope that two or three stocks work out well. With a growth mutual fund, this problem can be avoided. A mutual fund holds hundreds or thousands of growth stocks, which creates diversification for the investor. If one or two of the stocks do not work out, it will not hurt the portfolio overall. This helps to lower the overall risk of investing in growth stocks.

3. Professional Money Management

One of the hardest parts about investing in growth stocks is properly identifying which companies will grow rapidly in the near future. The average investor cannot properly identify these companies consistently. This discourages many people from trying to identify growth stocks and forces them to try some other strategy. When you invest in a growth fund, this will not be an issue for you. You have a professional money manager or team of money managers to identify growth stocks for you. They take great pride in their research ability and their ability to choose growth stocks. This means that you can simply turn over your investment money to them. They will decide when to buy the stocks and when to sell them. This creates a very passive way for you to invest, while at the same time providing growth for your portfolio.

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