4 Basic Rules of Rare Coin Investment

A rare coin investment can be a satisfying and profitable enterprise. However, it is easy to get taken advantage or to buy unwisely. To sensibly pursue a rare coin investment, make sure your interest is real; rare coins seldom provide quick return. Deepen your knowledge of this investing opportunity; find and deal with reputable professionals; plan to buy quality coins and hold them; and, finally, get the coins in your possession, store them securely and insure them.

1 - Have Interest, Develop Knowledge

Investing in rare coins is best pursued by those with passion for that product. Quick returns seldom happen, so other pleasures should be considered. There is enjoyment in learning which coins have value and may appreciate; in searching for the coins once you have learned about them; and, of course, in finding a coin and paying the right price for it.

Before investing, there is a great deal of pleasure to be gained by reading about coin collecting, what makes a coin valuable and how to care for coins. Consider joining a local coin club and parlay relationships there into deeper knowledge.

2 - Deal with Reputable Professionals

Particularly if you are making a high-end rare coin investment, take the time to know professionals in the industry. Collectors almost always form an informal community, and they welcome new, interested parties. The Internet has opened many opportunities to communicate with dealers and collectors as well.

Always check the references and track record of anyone from whom you are considering buying. Never make impulse buys in a rare coin investment. It is possible to make a profit on your passion, but the opportunity should be approached with care and with the proper investment of time before any money changes hands.

3 - Buy the Best and Hold it

Experts estimate it takes about five years after purchase of a good, rare coin to achieve an acceptable rate of return on it. There are seldom shortcuts, but a good start is to buy the rarest coin you can afford, buy the highest quality coin you can find and buy coins that give you diversity in your portfolio.

This not only improves your chance of a good return in time, but the high-quality, rare coin is easily marketable should you need to sell. A word of caution when buying rare coins, or any coins for that matter, use your knowledge and relationships to avoid overpaying. Coins are attractive, and impulse buys are always a temptation. Remember that a rare coin investment is still a business decision despite the beauty of the product.

4 - Secure and Insure Your Coins

It’s wise to get your coins in your hands. Once you have taken possession of a coin, be certain that it is stored securely. There are many stories of coin owners misplacing valuable coins. Be sure to insure your collection as well. In addition to being easily misplaced, rare coins are a target for thieves.

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