The top 7 Investment Books can give invaluable advice.  The advice is provided by the giants in the field whose successful strategies have created affluence and wealth.  The top 7 investing books include:

1. The Intelligent Investor

This is arguably the best, and most influential book ever written about value investing. Written by Ben Graham in 1949, this has earned rave revues by many notable investors over the years. Warren Buffett considers this “the best investing book ever written”. In this book, Graham presents investing styles for two types of investors – one for ordinary, risk-averse people who have no time for worrying about their portfolios (“defensive”), and the business man or woman who take risks and enjoy maximizing returns (“enterprising”).

2. One Up on Wall Street

It is often said that One Up on Wall Street is the first or second book any new investor must read. The famous mutual fund manager Peter Lynch builds upon the common knowledge and teaches the reader the advantages of leverage.

3. The Essays of Warren Buffett

Most professional investors have read the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders letters, written by Buffett. Professor Lawrence Cunningham arranges Buffet's corporate “essays” in order of relevance and subject. This book is a great tool to learn about management, valuation, investing strategy, stock options, economic goodwill and good accounting practices.

4. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits & Other Writings

Philip Fisher is revered as, possibly, the most influential and articulate financial thinkers in history. In his book, he identifies fifteen qualities that he considers necessary for any good business. Using this knowledge in tandem with Graham’s “value” method, can be a very powerful tool for market analysis.

5. Security Analysis

Professor Benjamin Graham wrote this book in 1934. After five editions, and a million copies later, this seven hundred page book is still the last word in how to value and analyse almost any investment. If you are serious about your investment portfolio, this book will definitely change your life for the better.

6. How to be a Billionaire

Taking you through the financial odysseys of many American billionaires and their strategies.  The book covers a span of more than a hundred years and a wide array of names; from Getty and Rockefeller to Bill Gates. It highlights the strengths of these titans in easy to decipher language. This book is not only informative, but a fun and easy read.

7. The Interpretation of Financial Statements

As an investor, you need to be able to read and understand financial statements. This classic book makes this very easy and simple to understand your financial statements.

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