Can Investment Accounting Software Guarantee Accuracy?

Investment accounting software can be purchased virtually anywhere. While these software programs won’t carry a guarantee of accuracy, many of them are very accurate. Some, like Quicken, are easy to use programs that even the most novice of computer users can easily navigate. Some, like QuickBooks, are more geared as business accounting programs. An important factor to think about, however, when you are dealing with tracking your investments is one of accuracy. You want to make sure that the information you are following on your home computer is up to date and completely accurate with your accounts out in the market. If you can accurately track your investments from home without having to pay for pricey investment club accounting, then you can make better informed decisions as the market changes.

Quicken and QuickBooks

One of the most popular investment software packages is Quicken. Most people view this program as a handy way to keep track of your checkbook, but it is a program that can really do so much more. Quicken allows you to audit program investments and track your balances online with the financial institution directly. You can connect daily with your financial to update balances, track trends, audit program investments, and even ask questions to your financial representative. There is no better way to be completely accurate with your accounts than to download the information directly to your computer. With Quicken, most changes are tracked automatically and downloads can occur with the click of a mouse.

Quicken also works like many business accounting programs, especially its sister program, Quickbooks. Since both programs are made by the same company, they are designed to work with each other. It makes tracking both personal and business investments easy and accurate. It is the online features of both programs that makes them very attractive to users who may not have the most experience with computers.

OWL Software

Another popular investment tracking software program is OWL Software. OWL software comes from Otto-Williams, Limited and is designed as easy to use small business software. They offer a free trial of their programs through their website. The beauty of OWL software is that instead of having every feature in one big program like Quicken you can select which programs you will use most. This saves on computer space and prevents novice users from getting confused by unused features. OWL offers programs in basic Bookkeeping, Business invoicing and inventory, a Master Investor program, and a personal portfolio manager.

The most important feature of these programs is that they are accurate. They allow small investors to track their investments accurately from home instead of having to pay a professional. That just leaves that much more money to invest.

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