Corner a Market with the Sector ETF

The sector ETF is an investment that has been gaining steam. Here are the basics of the sector ETF and how it can help you with your portfolio.

Sector ETF

The sector ETF is an exchange traded fund that focuses on a particular sector of the stock market. The fund manager of the exchange traded fund will choose a particular sector of the market and invest in stocks from that sector. They will do their best to provide you with a diversified collection of stocks from that designated sector. Typically, the name of the ETF will tell you what sector of the market you are investing in with this security.


One of the major benefits that this security provides is the ability to speculate on a particular portion of the market without extreme risk. For example, you can purchase shares of a retail ETF if you believe that the retail sector is poised for growth. If you were to invest in an individual retail stock, your risk would be increased.

In addition to allowing you to speculate on particular sections of the market, this investment is also very easy to trade. Sector ETFs are freely traded on the stock market, which allows you to easily buy and sell when you need to.

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