Creating a Steady Income Stream with ETF Portfolios

For an experienced investor, ETF portfolios can be a great way to create a steady stream of income. Many investors are not familiar with how ETFs work or what advantages they can present. If you are looking for a steady stream of income, here are a few things that you should consider about ETFs.


Unlike a mutual fund, you will actually receive the dividends from your ETF shares. An ETF is basically a huge collection of stocks, just like a mutual fund. Therefore, if you like the residual income that a dividend can offer, an ETF could be for you. 

Safer than Stocks

An ETF is more like a stock than any other similar investment. You can buy and sell them easily on any exchange. However, unlike an individual stock, you get the diversification that comes with a mutual fund. You can diversify your investment over a large group of stocks or over an entire industry. This allows you to put your money into something that you believe in without betting the farm on a single stock. ETFs provide a level of flexibility and opportunity that is unlike anything else in the investment industry today. They can be a great way to create a steady income stream for the future. 

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