Emerging Market ETF: Providing Valuable Foreign Exposure

The emerging market ETF is an investment that many are starting to see the value in. The emerging market ETF provides you with an alternative to traditional forms of investment. Here are the basics of the emerging market ETF and what it can provide to you as an investor.

Emerging Market ETF

The emerging market ETF is an investment that is based on securities in foreign markets that are developing. With this type of investment, ETF managers try to identify profitable foreign markets. Markets that have up until this point been undeveloped provide you with a large opportunity for gains.


This type of investment provides a very convenient way for investors to get involved in developing markets. Otherwise, most investors would not know how to go about investing in foreign markets. It can be difficult to get involved with foreign stock exchanges and emerging market ETF's are traded domestically.

An ETF is easily traded on the stock market. Therefore, this provides you with a very easy way to buy and sell a diversified security. When you get involved with similar mutual funds, you will not have as much flexibility when buying and selling. Therefore, many investors prefer working with the ETF because of its convenience.


This type of investment provides you with a great way to diversify away from the domestic stock market. Many investors have all of their funds tied up in the domestic stock market. However, if the country goes through a down economic period, all of the domestic companies that make up the market could suffer. This means that those that have most of their funds tied up in this market will lose money. By investing money into a foreign market, you will be able to diversify your portfolio. Therefore, even if the domestic market goes through a bad spell, you will still be able to withstand it.


Investing in this type of ETF can provide you with a vast potential for gains. Many of these ETF's have posted some great annual returns in recent years. This means that if you can choose the correct ETF, you could profit handsomely. When a market is developing, there is ample opportunity for businesses to grow. There will be an increased demand for every type of good and service that is available. The managers of an emerging market ETF will do their best to select the best companies within the emerging market. Therefore, as the market continues to grow, the companies will grow correspondingly.

Most ETF managers will do their best to select a range of securities from different industries within the market. For example, they might choose to invest in the healthcare industry, technology, and real estate from the emerging market.


Although this type of investment provides you with some great potential, it also has some risk associated with it as well. Not all emerging markets keep growing over the long-term. Therefore, you could potentially lose your investment if you choose the wrong market to invest in.

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