The energy ETF is an exchange-traded fund that focuses on companies in the energy sector. By investing in an energy ETF, you will be able to buy a portion of a large basket of stocks in energy-related companies.

This type of ETF deals with companies that are trying to develop forms of energy other than oil. Oil companies are not included in this particular ETF, as they have their own ETF. Companies that fit into this mold could include nuclear power plants, wind farms, solar companies and a variety of other companies.

One of the big benefits of investing in an energy ETF is that it is easy to trade. Since it is an exchange-traded fund, you can easily trade it on the stock exchange anytime that the exchange is open. There are thousands of traders involved in the market at any given time. This provides great liquidity. Many people prefer this type of investment because it is much simpler to buy and sell shares than when dealing with a mutual fund. Mutual funds do not trade on the exchange, which means that it takes longer to buy and sell shares. 

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