Finding the Best Commodity Futures News

You can find some of the best commodity futures news on the exchange websites. For instance, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has a website that disseminates current futures news. There is also daily and periodical research that helps traders and investors keep track of various factors in commodities, such as supply and demand.

Other syndicate news companies such as Associated Press, Reuters, and Bloomberg are also good sources for commodities news. Make sure that when you start trading or investing you have a commodity news calendar handy. This can be made available by your broker. The news calendar dates every major newsworthy event for each commodity listed on the exchange. These newsworthy events or press releases are major market movers. Knowing when and where to look for these data releases will give you the upper hand on timing the markets and knowing the market pulse.

The value of these data releases are notably much higher than the value of third-party research that is released by investment companies that are basically expressing their opinions on the commodity futures. The data releases are hard facts that change the perception as well as the fundamental factors that drive that certain market.

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