Finding the Top ETF Performers Online

You can find the top ETF performers online at almost any investment or financial website. The best way to track the most current performance information regarding ETFs and their performance is through the NASDAQ trading system and their online ETF portal. The NASDAQ, which is the over the counter trading system in the United States, offers the most comprehensive information concerning ETFs that trade through the NASDAQ and the best performers by class.

Setting Up a Tracking for Top Performers

By going to the NASDAQ website, you can set up a tracking mechanism on various types of ETFs and see what their level of performance is. Relying solely on performance data to choose any investment is not a smart investment strategy. Most investment advisors will tell you that when you look at historical performance data, funds that do well in one year tend to be the worst performers for a give category in the next year. Although this theory has been proven time in and again, investors, particularly those who choose to go it alone and not hire a broker, end up chasing returns.

The Importance of Performance Data

Understanding performance data is important to give you a sense of what you should expect from those ETFs that are the top of their class. Top performing ETFs are those that make good investment choices, even though ETFs are unmanaged funds. As an unmanaged or passively managed fund ETFs should have a lower cost and better return than a comparable mutual fund, which they are often confused with. Whereas an ETF mirrors index returns on a passive basis, mutual funds are actively managed and seek to outperform that return that an underlying index make earn.

How Changes in the Market Affect Performance

You can see how changes in the market over time affect the performance of a top performing ETF. This information can also understand how actively or passively the fund is being managed and what type of job is being done to replicate the returns of the index being tracked. The ETF that does a good job staying inline or slightly exceeding the performance of its index are better position to be top performing ETFs than those that are behind the performance of their index. In fact ETFs that are well below the returns found in their underlying index may be more expensive relative to their peer funds.

Additional Information on NASDAQ

The NASDAQ site also provides additional education and information relative to performance data and peer group rankings for ETFs. All of this information is readily accessible and easy to read and understand. You can also access specific find data and information that pertains to a specific ETF and request a prospectus and other documents on performance. This research is valuable for the do it yourself investor that has the time and energy to perform this type of research.

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