How to Cash a Savings Bond

Savings bonds are popular investment tools, and often given as gifts for children's birthdays or graduation. Because these are widely used investments, cashing them in is very simple. Most financial institutions will cash in your bonds for you.

Bonds in Your Name

If the savings bonds is in your name, it is quite simple to cash them in. You can take them into any bank and provide proper identification along with the bond. As long as they are less than one thousand dollars in value, they will cash them. If your bonds are greater in value, you can take them to a bank where you have a checking or savings account and cash them in. The United States treasury also has accounts you can open, buy bonds and redeem them, all on-line.

Bonds For a Minor

Savings bonds are popular as gifts for minors. Cashing them in before they are eighteen can be done by the minor's parents. Again, take them to a local bank and show identification. Sign the back of the bond while you are in the bank, so you know what info the bank wants printed. Often, you simply state your name, and your relationship to the minor.

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