Invest In I Bonds To Beat Inflation

If you are looking for ways to beat inflation, invest in I bonds! An I Bond is a U.S. Treasury Bond protected against changes to inflation. A government issued security like the I Bond is a great choice for investors who aim to minimize their risk to guarantee a real rate of return for the duration of the investment.

Who Can Buy I Bonds?

If you have a valid social security number and you are at least 18 years of age, you are eligible to purchase an I Bond. I Bonds are easy to purchase online via the official U.S. Treasury website. With just $25, you can invest in I Bonds. The maximum amount a person that invest in I Bonds per year is $30,000.

What You Need to Know About I Bonds

You do need to be aware that if you redeem your I Bond in less than five years, you will forfeit all interest payments for the three month period prior to redemption. Overall, however, I Bonds are a flexible and easy investment choice for anyone, as they can be redeemed for face value online at any time.

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