Investment Management News - Broadening Your Perspective

Investment management news provides a way for investment managers and other professionals to broaden their perspective about different aspects of their industry. This information is useful in providing investors with trends and product development and serve as models of success for managers to follow or incorporate into their own investment plans.

Types of Investment Management News

Investment management news can be provided by a variety of sources available in trade publications. The information can be highly technical in nature. For example, they can provide information about investment and financial theory, such as the Black-Sholes model, or the expected return and Sharpe’s ratio. The information provided in these publications can give ordinary investors a tremendous amount of insight on the best techniques for managing investments.

Finding Investment Management News

Finding a good investment management publication goes beyond reading the Wall Street Journal. A local library, college or university may provide some assistance in making available back issues of a particular trade journal or periodical. This can be a starting point for a non-professional to learn more and broaden their prospective on investing.

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