Long Term Alternatives To A 401k Investment Company

The 401k investment company may seem like a necessity in order to operate a complicated benefits package; however, in the internet age where information is easily accessible, this is not necessarily the case. Anyone can do the research necessary to learn about some of the great long term options available to people outside of the 401k investment companies that dominate the industry.

Investment Firms

There are a variety of 401 K investment options available to large and small businesses. For example, many large investment firms also handle the complex operation of 401K plans. By using an investment firm to run the 401K program, a business can save a great deal on administrative costs and fees that ultimately reduce the value of your retirement accounts. On the negative side, you are then committed to using only the funds offered by that investment company in your 401 K.

Accounting Firms

Another good investment options for a 401 k plan is to have an in-house person research mutual funds for your investment. Then, hire an outside accounting firm to take care of tax compliance, reporting and other administrative work. This separation can save a great deal of time and can give you more control over the investments.

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