Making Money in a Bear Market with the Bullet Trade

Using the bullet trade is a high-risk investment technique that is utilized with options. Here are the basics of the bullet trade and how you can make money with it during a bear market.

Utilizing a bullet trade will give you the opportunity to make money in a declining market. Sometimes, when the market is declining rapidly, brokers will not allow you to short a stock directly. Because of this, you may have to turn to other alternatives in order to take advantage of the market fall. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize a bullet trade.

How It Works

The idea behind the bullet trade is quite simple. You are going to find a put option that is in the money. At that point, you will purchase the put option and short the underlying stock. This provides you with a simple way to put money on the fact that you believe the stock is going to decline rapidly in value.


With this type of investment strategy, you are going to have to time the market appropriately. Timing the market can be very difficult unless you are a very experienced trader.

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