Purchasing International Bonds

International bonds present investors with a way to diversify their portfolios. With international bonds getting more and more attention lately, many investors are looking for a way to purchase them. Unfortunately, they are a little more difficult to buy than domestic ones. Here are the basics of how to invest in international bonds. 

Large Investment Firms

Most investment firms do not have access to international bonds at the present time. However, the larger the investment firm, the more likely they are to have some international bonds for sale. Keep in mind that the inventory on these types of bonds is usually quite small. Therefore, if you want one, you need to act when they become available. If you are shopping for an investment broker, ask them if their company ever offers international bonds before you open an account with them. 

Mutual Funds

Another simpler option that you have is to find mutual funds that invest in international bonds. There are several domestic mutual funds that hold quite a few international bonds as part of their basket of assets. This allows you to purchase the mutual fund shares through any investment account and makes the process of purchasing international bonds a lot easier. 

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