Risks of the Transportation ETF

As an investor you have many options and the transportation ETF represents one type of investment that you can use to profit. The transportation industry in the United States is one of the most critical industries in the marketplace, without it, our country would fail. While there are some great possibilities for returns on investment, the transportation ETF is not without its fair share of risks as well. Here are a few risks that come with the transportation ETF.

Affected By Other Industries

When you are dealing in transportation ETFs, there is an association with other industries that you have to be concerned with. Much of the transportation industry is centered on the movement of goods from one place to another. When something is produced in one location, it has to be transported to another location in order to be sold. Therefore, if other industries are not selling as much as they should, then it affects the transportation industry negatively as well.

Investment Risk

With any investment there is inherent risk. You are putting your money into the market to earn a return. Sometimes you make a nice return and other times you lose your money completely. In a recession, most industries will suffer the pain of negative income and earnings. Keep that in mind when you invest for a balanced portfolio.

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