Savings Bonds - Possession vs Registration

Savings bonds are considered to be a safe investment that provides you with a steady rate of return. When it comes to ownership of a savings bond, you have to consider the importance of possession and registration. Here are a few things to consider about possessing a savings bond, or having it registered in your name.

Possession vs Registration

Physical possession of a savings bond does not mean that you are the actual owner. In order to be the owner of a savings bond, you are going to have to have it registered in your name. The registration of a savings bond has to be with the United States Treasury's records in West Virginia. Once you are registered, you are considered the owner of the bond.


This can have a large impact on the liquidity of your savings bond. You will not be able to sell them to another individual because they will not be able to redeem it in the future. Only the person that originally purchased a savings bond from the United States Treasury is eligible to redeem it. The only other person that could redeem a savings bond is a beneficiary of the person that bought it.

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