Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Have you ever been to a home show? The whole house just seems to sparkle, and everything looks and even smells so fresh and clean. Every room seems to exude its own personality. Anyone who sees it wants to buy that house - furniture included. Welcome to the process of the home staging.

Staging helps sellers get their home ready for showings and open houses. It's more than just a thorough super-cleaning. The house receives a complete makeover in order to pique the interest of prospective buyers. People who stage homes are actually artists, and you might think that some are ever part magicians. The most talented of this genre can transform an everyday home into a palatial showplace that would be hardly recognizable to its owners.

Whether you hire a professional to do the work or decide to go it alone, here are some basic staging tips to consider:

  • Use different furniture. One of the major tools that a stager uses is furniture. Now, you may love your ten-year-old couch, but it probably won't impress any potential buyers. Stagers can use your existing furniture if it's in good condition, or they can bring in their own to change a room's ambiance.

  • Pay attention to the outdoor areas. Stagers will dress the yard as well as the house. But it's up to you to keep the grass mowed and the hedges trimmed before the stager comes in to work his or her craft. The use of various potted plants, yard art, and perhaps a bench or two can turn an average yard into a stunning one.

  • Let each room in the house speak for itself. Stagers are adept at creating 'atmospheres,' and no two rooms will be the same. The bedroom may remind you of an Italian villa with opaque silk fabric draping the top of a canopy bed and large mirrors on the walls, whereas the living room may have an Arabian feel with dozens of colorful throw pillows lining a sectional sofa. The various window treatments would richly accent their locations in the house.

  • Use baskets creatively. People like to see uncluttered areas. Instead of lining the bathroom counter with toiletries, you might consider putting them in a basket that sits on the counter. Further, display scented soaps and lotions that are as appealing to look at as they are to smell. Try a basket of rolled towels in each bathroom, with each roll wrapped in ribbon for that special touch.

  • Make a statement with the back yard. A bare patio doesn't allow buyers to see the potential of the yard. A stager may enliven this area with a patio or picnic table set with colorful plates and glasses, as though you were just about to sit down to a delightful outside meal. If it's close to the summer add a barbeque grill and some potted plants to complete the look.

After all those neat touches, who could resist your home? The purpose of staging is to dress your property for its best appearance so that potential buyers will make you an offer. It can give your home the little extra that it may need to set it apart from the others - and get it sold as quickly as possible.


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