Staying Up to Date with ETF News

Keeping up with ETF news is something that many investors try to do. The ETF is becoming a very popular investment vehicle for investors across the world. Its highly diversified nature and stock-like flexibility make it a unique instrument in the investment world. You can buy and sell ETFs on a moments notice, unlike similar mutual funds. You can even take out options on an ETF if you desire. The flexibility of the ETF makes it more appealing to short-term investors that like to trade. With this capability to trade the ETF accordingly, it becomes necessary to keep up with the news. If you keep up with the news as it happens, you can sometimes make quick moves with an ETF and make some nice gains. However, keeping up with ETF news might prove challenging if you do not know where to look. Here are a few tips for keeping up with the news as it pertains to ETFs.

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is still one of the leading authorities when it comes to up-to-the-minute financial news. When you are dealing with ETFs this is still the case. In their print edition, they have some great information about ETFs that are relevant in the marketplace. On their website, you can get even more up-to-date information in regards to your ETFs. They have expert opinions and solid investment advice pertaining to ETFs.


Bloomberg is another leading authority in the financial news sector. They have a great website that has some of the most recent news stories in the financial world. If you like to surf around financial sites for news stories, Bloomberg definitely has to be on your short list of sites to check.

News Ticker

As an investor, you have several options for a real-time news ticker. If you are an active trader, you may want to download a news ticker directly to your computer. You can have the financial news scroll right across the top of your screen if you want. There are a few free applications out there that you can get off of various financial websites out there. There are also some subscription services that are usually a little more reliable and consistent. If you are really serious about watching the news and your investments all day, you would probably be better off to go ahead and buy a commercial news-ticker program. You can specify what news you want to scroll as well as what investments you want price quotes on throughout the day. Using a program like this can really revolutionize your trading and keep you on top of the news as it happens.

Underlying Asset News

When you invest in an ETF, you are essentially investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks from a particular industry or sector. Therefore, you can also stay on top of the news from that particular sector if you really want to be in-the-know. You could subscribe to publications that pertain to the sectors that you invest in as well as generic financial news. 

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