Tempting Regions For An Offshore Investment Company

An offshore investment company has the challenge of identifying the best emerging markets. While many companies focus on the large and quickly growing Chinese economy, there are other economies that demand a great deal of attention. The Middle East and Southeast Asia are both tempting regions for offshore investment companies.

Middle East

Due to the current hydrocarbon wealth that the Middle East possesses, it is easy to see that many offshore investment companies would consider it still the most tempting target. Saudi Arabia shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as far as oil production is concerned and countries like Iraq and Iran are not even close to reaching their peak.  Of course, non-oil diversification in areas like Dubai has created real estate and stock markets that are juicy for offshore investment as well.

Southeast Asia

Another tempting region for offshore investment is Southeast Asia. In particular, places like Vietnam and South Korea have great real estate and stock markets that you can invest in. Japan is also usually a solid investment, as are companies in China. The main problem with China however is that you would be limited to foreigner caps on investment, potentially ruining strategies that offshore investment companies might try in other offshore markets.

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