The Distribution of ETF Dividends

Learning how ETF dividends work might be a challenge as you get started investing. With so many different types of investments to choose from, it can be difficult to understand how every aspect of the investments work. However, if you are seriously considering going with an ETF as part of your portfolio, you will want to make sure you understand everything about them. Here are the basics of ETF dividends and how they work.

How ETF Dividends Work

When you invest in an ETF, you are investing in something that shares common characteristics of stocks and mutual funds. The ETF is greatly diversified much like a mutual fund, however it is easier to buy and sell like a stock. Something else that it has in common with some stocks is the way the dividends are distributed.

When you own an ETF and the stocks within the ETF pay out a dividend, the ETF will hold the dividend for you through the quarter. They will then pay out the dividends to the ETF investors at the end of the quarter.

By comparison, if you are involved in a mutual fund, the mutual fund will actually reinvest the dividends for you immediately. This results in bigger returns and fewer things to worry about for you. 

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