Top Companies To Invest In During A Financial Crisis

The top companies to invest in during a financial crisis are blue chip companies that have endured the test of time. Larger companies that have survived for many years have a business plan and philosophy that has guided the company through many difficult financial periods.

Highly Regarded Companies

Searching the Dow Jones and highly regarded index funds will direct you toward the largest and most diversified companies. These companies are also called “Blue Chip” companies. Companies in this category include giants such as Coca Cola and IBM.

Global Companies

Another place to look is at companies that are diversified across the globe. If a company has investments in Asia, North America and Europe, for example, then they can weather a financial storm in one area of the world because the other areas are doing better.

Strong Companies that are Struggling

The last place to look is at companies that are normally very strong but are suffering a temporary downturn. Look at the long history of the company and ratings such as the Morningstar ratings in order to be certain that the company will rebound again. Companies such as Apple and McDonalds have gone through periods of depressed stock prices, but have rebounded and been strong again, providing an excellent investment opportunity.

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