Tracking Down Your Lost Treasury Savings Bonds

When you own Treasury savings bonds, there is a chance that they will be lost or stolen at some point. If this happens with a regular bond or investment, you may be out of luck. However, you can actually recover a Treasury bond. Here are the basics of how to recover a lost savings bond. 

The Process

To have the United States Treasury reissue your savings bond, you will need to fill out the proper form: Form 1048. This form is freely available on their website. You fill out the form with the necessary information and then mail it to the address listed. 

Information Needed

The form will walk you through what they need to retrieve the bond. However, it is all right if you do not know all of the information that they ask for. If you do not know something, write "unknown" in the relevent field. The main information that you need to provide is your name and Social Security number. If you know the serial number of the bond, this will help. However, they should be able to find it with just your name and Social Security number. 

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