Tracking Your ETF Performance

Tracking your ETF performance is critical if you want to be a successful investor. ETFs can be a great investment tool for your money. They are diversified, easy to buy and sell and can present you with a nice return on your investment. However, if you do not stay on top of them, they can just as easily lose money for you. Here are a few tips for tracking your ETF performance.

Trading Station

If you are a day trader and spend the day in front of your computer, you can track the performance with your broker's trading station. You should be able to pull up a chart that shows the performance of the ETF on multiple time frames. You will be able to look at quotes as they change and this will give you an idea of how the ETF is doing.


Using a PDA is another way that many people track the performance of their ETF investments. With many of the phone applications that are available today, you can be anywhere in the world and get alerts about the status of your ETF. You can look at real-time price quotes and charts as you are on the go. There is now no excuse for not knowing what is going on with your ETFs.  

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