What Can Asset Turnover Tell You about a Company?

Asset turnover is a valuation multiple that is used in order to compare the amount of revenue of a company to the assets it holds. You can calculate asset turnover by taking the revenue and dividing it by the dollar value of the assets of the company.


Asset turnover can tell you a great deal about a company. One of the most important things that it tells you is how efficiently a company handles its assets. If a company can generate a substantial profit with a limited amount of assets, it would potentially be a good investment. If that same company can have more assets under its control, it could potentially increase the profit substantially as well. 


Asset turnover is also used to evaluate the pricing strategy of a business. If a company operates with low profit margins, this means that it has a higher asset turnover. On the other hand, if they operate with high profit margins, this means that they have a low asset turnover. 


As an investor, you should look at the asset turnover in order to determine if the company is worthy of investing in. It is one of the many tools that you can use to evaluate the potential of a company.

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