What Does the Green Movement Mean for the Energy Sector?

The energy sector is one of the most talked about areas of the economy at all times. It has been affected by a number of things over the years and something that could affect it significantly in the future is the green movement. 

Green Movement

Because of the green movement, more businesses and consumers are trying to make decisions based on how they will impact the environment. Consumers are choosing recycled products and products that are created from sustainable resources. They are also putting pressure on governments and businesses to make green sources of energy more readily available. 

Investor Impact

As an investor, you can see how this would potentially impact your holdings. If you are heavily invested in oil companies or ETFs, this movement could have a negative impact on your holdings. As technology improves and governments seek to promote sustainable forms of energy, they are putting more of an emphases on alternative forms of energy. For example, governments will continue to give subsidies and grants to companies that use wind power and solar power instead of relying on traditional forms of power. As this continues, more companies will shift over to producing alternative forms of energy which means that these investments will become more attractive.

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