If you are planning on getting involved in the Forex market, be sure that you understand what a Forex spread and what it means to you as a trader. Here are the basics of the Forex spread.

Forex Spread

When you are trading the Forex market, every time you make a trade, you are going to have to deal with the spread. The spread is also referred to as the bid and ask spread. Anytime that you make a trade, you are essentially buying from another individual, or selling something to them. The buyer in the transaction is always going to want to pay less than the seller. The difference between these two prices is known as the spread.


In the Forex market, the broker is going to be compensated with this spread. Every time that you make a trade, the broker is going to take this portion out of your potential profits. As a trader, ideally you would like to find a broker that has the lowest spreads in the industry. Sometimes, brokers will have a fixed spread and other times they will have a variable spread that fluctuate with market conditions. Before you choose a broker, be sure that you review the types of spreads they offer.

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