What is Market Sentiment?

Market sentiment is the collective feeling of traders in a particular financial market. Market sentiment can apply to the market as a whole or to individual securities. This term deals with the overall feeling of what the majority of traders think about a particular market or security. For example, if the market is going up, then it is said to have a bullish market sentiment. On the other hand, if the market is headed down, it is said to have a bearish market sentiment.


Even though it is not based in company fundamentals, market sentiment does play a vital role in the success of investors in the stock market. This is also referred to as the collective psychology of the market. The crowd of investors may start to form an opinion on a particular security and then this opinion will be reflected in the market.


Contrarian investors tend to go against the market sentiment. They believe that the market sentiment will take a stock higher than it deserves to be or lower than it should be in price. They then do the opposite of the crowd in an attempt to find good value in the stocks. 

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