What Makes a Steel ETF a Solid Investment?

The factors that make a steel ETF a solid investment are driven largely by the stability of steel companies. Driven primarily by the price of steel, which is directly linked to other commodity prices, a steel ETF reacts to inflation pressures and the general direction of commodity prices. Commodities are generally thought to be a good investment when inflation is a factor. As the general price level rises, so must the prices of those things from which things are made. General economic conditions are also a factor. The demand for steel is directly linked to the economy. When the economy is growing, more building with steel is done.

The other major factor which makes a steel ETF a sound investment is the stability of steel companies. A steel ETF tracks the performance of a basket of steel stocks. Steel companies are amongst the oldest, and often most stable, in the market. While inflation pressure can often act in contradiction to the otherwise stable nature of steel companies, the global nature of steel tends to keep this pressure in check. Steel demand is measured on a global basis, so as long as building is being done somewhere, prices tend to be somewhat stable. If you are looking for a solid investment, steel ETFs should be considered.

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