Why Investing in a Broad-Based Index Might Be Right for You

Many investors choose to invest in a broad-based index. Here are the basics of the broad-based index and why you might want to consider investing in one.

Broad-Based Index

A broad-based financial index is one that attempts to copy the movements of the stock market as a whole. Therefore, if the market is doing well, the broad-based index will also be doing well. Some examples of a broad-based index are the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. These indices will purchase large amounts of stocks from the companies that make up the index. This will typically provide you with a very accurate indicator of the market as a whole.

Why Invest in One?

Investing in a broad-based market index can be a good long-term investment strategy. By doing this, your portfolio will be able to move with the overall market. Traditionally, the market has always tended to go upwards over the long-term. Even though, the market will go through down periods that can last for a sustained amount time, eventually it will always go up again. Therefore, by investing in a broad-based index, you know that you will get a slow and steady return on your investment over the long-term.

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