3 Ways to Get Hard Money Funding

If you are an investor looking to obtain money, hard money funding could be your solution. In recent times with recession and housing market collapse, hard money funding has increased due to the lending regulations becoming stricter. Hard money funding comes from people or investment groups looking to invest into short-term projects. If you are a real estate investor, hard money funding can be as simple as phone call away. Here are three ways to get hard money funding.


If you are already in the real estate arena, then you have business relationships with fellow real estate investors and brokers. Network within your business circle. You would be surprised at the number of referrals that can come from business associates. You can network through email, phone, or attending local investment club meetings.


Surprisingly enough, the internet can provide great access to hard money lenders. Many investment groups are using the internet as a means to attract business. Be sure to verify the group is legitimate before doing business with them.


The last way to get hard money funding is working with your local bank. Many business bankers are knowledgeable of hard money lenders and utilize them to close non-traditional deals

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