4 Top Car Finance Companies

Car finance companies range from dedicated auto financiers to independent individuals with dollars to loan. The choice you make on your car loan will ultimately determine the total cost of your vehicle. It will also make an impact on your credit and weigh heavily on how easy it is for you to access your loan docs, make alterations and interact with your lender in the future. Consider these resources as possible car finance companies.

General Motors Acceptance Corporation & Dealer Financiers

The nation's largest dealer financier is the General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). This finance group started by providing loans to individuals purchasing GM vehicles. Today, it even issues mortgages. If you are purchasing a GM, consider using direct-from-dealer financing. You will have easy access to all your loan and car documents, and it is simple to trade-in your car with an active loan for a new GM vehicle. Similar options exist through other dealer financiers like Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. Even used car dealers may have their own form of dealer financing. These loans may not have the most flexible terms. However, they do offer low interest rates when compared to the rest of the market.


Credit.com is a source for a wide range of auto loans, including bad credit car loans. One key advantage to this service is easy online accessibility. This is a great option for an individual in a transitional point of life who may move frequently from state-to-state. The only true requirement for financing through credit.com is a salary of over $1,800 yearly. Essentially, any working individual may qualify. Additionally, you will receive a quick answer to your auto loan application. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to negotiate your loan terms, and interest rates may be higher as a premium for the convenience.


1-800-Auto-Yes is a service mainly targeting low credit borrowers. These individuals may have damaged credit due to a previous default, bankruptcy or low income status. If this describes you, you will only find acceptance with high risk lenders. 1-800-Auto-Yes is one of the nation's largest high risk lenders, and answers are constantly available online. You will likely receive a response to your application within minutes. Unfortunately, high risk loans come at a high cost. If you have good credit, it is far more advantageous to approach a lender such as a bank or dealer for your loan.

Independent Financiers

You may approach local finance companies who may be willing to pick up your loan. Part of the trouble with these companies is simply locating them. If you are searching, consider asking your dealer or a used car dealer in the area. These independent companies are generally owned and operated by one individual or family who has personal money to loan. The company will choose a loan portfolio ranging from secure, low interest loans to very high risk, high reward loans. They are typically very open to loan negotiations. Unfortunately, the support network may be limited, and the online resource available may additionally be small.

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