Bar Study Loan Requirements

A bar study loan is a type of loan that is utilized in order to pay for living expenses while a law student is studying for the bar exam. Not everyone can qualify for this type of loan. In order to get a bar study loan, you are going to have to be a law student, or in your final year of school. You cannot be in your first year of law school and get this type of loan.

Additional Requirements

Another requirement is that you are going to have to have a decent credit score. The lender is going to look at your credit file and make sure that you have a good track record of paying back your debts. If you do not have a solid credit score, you may still qualify if you provide a cosignor for the loan. The lender is going to evaluate the credit score of your cosigner as well. 

You also have to be pursuing a career as a lawyer after you complete your bar exam. This will allow you to repay the debt that is accumulated with this loan. 

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