Comparing the Pros and Cons of the SBA Loan Patriot Express Pilot Program

Using an SBA loan can be a great way to get started in business. The Small Business Administration is a government agency that works with small business owners. The government recognizes the importance of small businesses in the economy and as a result, they put out favorable loan programs for them. One such program is the Patriot Express Loan Initiative. The Patriot Express Loan Initiative is one of the better loan programs that they have available. While the program has some advantages, it is not without a few drawbacks as well. Here are a few pros and cons of the SBA Patriot Express Loan Initiative.


  • Helps military personnel- The Patriot Express program is designed to help those that have had some sort of role in the military. If you are in active military, a reservist, a service-disabled veteran, in the National Guard, or the spouse of any of these, you should be able to qualify for the program. 
  • Low interest- With the Patriot Express loan program, you are going to get a beneficial interest rate on the loan. You will get the SBA's lowest rates available when you apply. The rates will range from 2.25% to 4.75% in most cases.
  • Variety of uses- The Patriot Express loan program can be used for a variety of business needs. You could use it to start a new business, expand an established one, or get working capital. You can even buy business real estate and equipment with the money. With the flexibility that this program provides, it makes it very convenient for business owners. 
  • Fast turnaround- With the Patriot Express program, you can expect to have a very fast turnaround on the loan. Once you apply, it is usually a very short amount of time before everything is in progress. 


  • Only applies to military- This eliminates many people that could use this type of a loan program. In order to qualify, you have to be a veteran, active military, or in another type of military.
  • Loan limits- With the Patriot Express Loan Initiative, they will only provide loans up to a specific amount. The maximum that you can get a loan for is $500,000. Most commercial real estate costs more than that these days, so you would have to secure secondary financing if you want to buy anything over $500,000. 
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