How Does the NSLDS Compile Student Loan Information?

The National Student Loan Data System or NSLDS is an online vehicle that compiles all related information of federal student loans of undergraduate or graduate students awarded with college loans or grants from the government. Students who have applied for and obtained federal educational programs can access and retrieve the information they needed regarding their respective student loans. NSLDS is maintained and supervised by the Department of Education.

Sources of Student Loan Information

NSLDS collects government student loan information from various resources. These channels furnish and report factual data to NSLDS in regular basis. Below are types of student aids and the corresponding entities where the data come from:

Federal grants - comes from Common Origination and Disbursement System of the Department of Education

Perkins loans (which include National Direct Student Loans and National Defense Student Loans) - originates from schools where the students who were entitled Perkins loans are enrolled

Direct loans - forwarded from the Direct Loan Servicing Center

Stafford loans - provided by participating student loan guaranty agencies like the American Student Assistance, Education Assistance Corporation, etc..

Types of Student Loan Information on NSLDS

Students can look at the status of their student loan application or other related information through logging in on NSLDS website using a PIN, his date of birth, Social Security number, and the first two letters of his last name. Some of the information the student can view are total amount of loan awarded, loan's interest rate, date when the loan should be repaid, amount of loan that has been disbursed, and more.

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