Required Documents for a Student Loan Application

Student loan application always comes with pertinent documents that an applicant must provide when he applies for a federal student loan. These papers are fundamental and serve as basis for the approval or denial of the application. Having the required documents handy before applying online through the FAFSA website is a vital key to speeding up the application process.

Required Documents

Below is the list of documentation and similar info needed for the student loan application:

  • Applicant's valid Social Security Number

  • Applicant's driver's license, if available

  • Applicant's most recent Income Tax Return (ITR). If he applies for academic year 2010 to 2011, he must furnish the 2009 ITR. For married applicants, he should also provide his spouse's tax record.

  • Parent's latest Federal Income Tax Return if the student is dependent

  • Applicant's bank statement information. This document can be requested in your bank/s.

  • Applicant's newest information of his untaxed income. This includes Social Security benefits payments, child financial assistance, worker's compensation, and more.

  • Records of your recent business, investments, and related financial affairs.

  • Legal documentation of residency if you are a foreigner (e.g. permanent resident card, etc.)

  • Other records of income, if any

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