Residential Hard Money Lenders

Residential hard money lenders are lenders that have excess money to lend and are willing to work with borrowers from every financial background. Working with this type of lender is different than working with a traditional mortgage lender. A hard money lender is can be an individual that is in the business of lending money to people for their purchase. They can also be companies that are in the business of making loans to others. Even though the interest rates are going to be high, there are some benefits that you will potentially be able to realize.


One of the big benefits of working with a residential hard money lender is that you will be able to get the money that you need quicker. You can gain access to the funds within a few days if you are approved. Another advantage of this type of lender is that they are willing to work with those that have low credit scores. Even though you may not be able to get approved with a traditional mortgage, a hard money lender could be willing to work with you. They work with individuals who other lenders would not think about lending to.

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