Student Loans: Dealing with Double, Mistaken or Lost Listings

When you are looking at your student loans, you may be shocked to see that you are listed twice, or perhaps not at all. This can be very disconcerting, as student loans are a big part of a young person's debt rating, and having trouble with them could lead you into bad credit. Solving the problems of incorrect listings can be difficult, but should be manageable.

Double Listings

One of the most common things that people researching their student loans find is a double listing. This is not necessarily a mistake, as consolidating student loans can lead to there being two separate listing. The original listing should have a balance of 0, so check this to make sure that it is correct.

Mistaken Listings

Another common problem is finding a mistake on your listing. You may find that you have more in the loan account than you should have, and even if you have paid off the loan, it might still show on the account. Check bank statements for proof that you have paid the loan. Once you have proof of the error, call the Department of Education, and have them correct the problem.

No Listing

This is perhaps the biggest shock of all, but it shouldn't be ignored. Check your bank to make sure that it has not been paid off, and then contact your Education Department to have it sorted out.

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